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With a well-established expertise and successes in global business, Kash Global specialises in global trade and international marketing.  We understand today’s global challenges and provide bespoke service for businesses, governments and local authorities achieve international business growth.  Our well-established network of alliances in various major locations across the globe puts us in a confident position to support your distinct global journey.

We’re active on the global trade stage with an interesting bundle of products and services.  This provides us with enough confidence to introduce your products and services in exciting international markets and uplift your profitability.  Kash Global may choose to buy your products and market them itself in overseas markets through its global network.  Alternatively, we enable you stand sure-footed on the international arena through marketing opportunity exclusively available through our global network.  

Our extremely flexible business model is designed to cater for international marketing and global trade aims no matter what they are. We tune our service to satisfy your international strategic directions.  One way of supporting your international growth is securing sealed deals with reliable international partners through our substantial global connections.  However, if your trajectory is to take the plunge, we partner with you to achieve a successful and cost effective global transition.

We can inform your approach to global markets through effective market researches and in-market help including identification of suitable partners in target markets.  Our package can also include offerings such as organisation of product/service launches, participation in pertinent trade events and exhibitions, or indeed any other service you may deem appropriate for your international growth.

Yet, if you choose to focus your human and financial resources on what you do and save on the international marketing cost, we are the experts.  We can take the international marketing burden completely off your shoulders.  We thrive making exclusive global opportunities readily available to you.  All you need to do is concentrate your efforts to fulfil your new international orders and increase your returns.

These are just examples of how we embrace your global distinction.  Our open-menu services will be entirely devoted to serve your international span goals.  They stretch to cover different aspects of global marketing and intercontinental trade with issues like company representation and trade negotiations as examples.  Cost is never an issue with our services as it’s always a tiny proportion of the delivered gains.

The Founder

Kash Global was founded by Malek Kashkara who is currently a board committee member of the Wales Exporters Association. He holds a Master’s Degree of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David together with an ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management and a BA of Arts. 

Malek has empirically analysed business internationalisation in Wales, part of his MBA dissertation.  He has over 15 years of experience with prominent international organisations such as the DIT, The FCO and the Canadian DFATD where he assumed senior global positions.  

Throughout his carrier, he has successfully supported UK and international businesses penetrate profitable global markets and embraced global success through nurturing synergy between international parties. He has identified global market opportunities and strategic directions that met the evolving needs of organisational growth.

His services have been praised by prestigious clients who found them helpful in addressing their global growth challenges.  He has organised and participated in major international conferences and trade events.  His leadership of senior business delegations to the UK and other parts of the world has been acknowledged by the DIT as achieving tangible business development outcomes.

He is recognised by surefooted rapport development, negotiation, influencing and prolific relationships building with an extensive UK and global network. He speaks English and Arabic as native speaker and has strong market and culture knowledge of international markets with special focus on the Middle East.  He has prepared market researches for prominent organisations and provided in-market support that has enhanced global growth.

Why Kash Global?

  • Professional qualifications and skills
  • Well-established international expertise with acknowledged successes in global business
  • Strong international alliances in major global locations
  • Inclusive and bespoke service that caters for individual growth needs

Mission statement

Global distinction through thriving products and services and state-of-the-art world-wide marketing and trade offerings via exclusive opportunities in international markets bolstered by a strong cosmopolitan network.